A digital municipality built on open source commonground components

Demodam is a fictitious municipal website that shows which reusable open source products and services are available for municipalities.

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Demodam is a fictitious municipal website that shows which reusable open source products and services are available for municipalities. On you will soon be able to see which Common Ground components (building blocks) behind those services are ready and how they work together. Municipalities can then decide to use such a service, for example an application for online birth registration, for their residents. It is also possible to build on top of what is already available by both suppliers and municipalities.

Demodam is made and maintained by the Common Ground community, which is made up of people and organizations from both the governmental and private sectors. The Foundation for Public Code ensures that all parties are equal. Everybody is welcome to contribute.

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On we show what is available

On you can see how digital service work for civilians and civil servants. It makes the abilities of Common Ground tangible.

Demodam is a environment for collaboration

It is easier for governments and their suppliers to find each other. It helps us to tune all of our workflows and it makes it easier for different components to work together. You will not be hindered by legacy systems and developmental agendas of different municipalities, making it easier to create proof-of-concepts. For this, we collaborate with NL Design System, so civilians will get a consistent user experience, even if a service is made up of different components made by different suppliers.

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Demoman helps to improve Common Ground

Together we set the standards for the components, regarding for example security user friendliness and (coding) standards. We learn from each other what the best practices are. The ultimate goal is to show all Demodam components in an app store like environment, comparable to that on your mobile phone, where you can install components and applications with a single click.

With Demodam you can innovate

Soon a solid base will exist, which will serve as a foundation for future work. As an example: say you want to develop a service spanning different governmental departments, for example a customer journey where a civilian wants to both register their child’s birth (with the municipality) and apply for child allowances (with the tax authorities) in one smooth process. Currently this is very difficult to execute, both technically and organizationally, but with Demodam soon a case system, personal registration system and NLX will be ready to make sure you can get underway fast.

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July 2021

Innovation subsidy granted

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has granted Demodam a subsidy of €150,000.

5 Juli till 9 Juli 2021

Demodam hackathon

Working together on an commonground showcase

Information and registration

24 Juni 2021 13:00

Demodam hackathon

Onboarding and planning

Information and registration

June 2021

Kick-off Demodam

Launch of Demodam