There are several ways you can participate in Demodam.

Join our Slack channel

Join the Common Ground Slack and join the #Demodam channels.

Take part in a hackathon

During hackathons, Demodam is developed according to our goals: showcase, collaborate, improve, innovate. The first hackathon will be at 5-9 July. If you want to take part, please see the onboarding and planning document for the hackathon.

Be active on Github

Raise an issue, submit a pull request, etc. Be bold! Check out the issues labeled help wanted and the issues labeled good first issue to get you started.

Spread the word!

Feel free to blog, tweet, post about Demodam whenever you like! We're in this together. There's always stuff to do. Check out the Communications board to see if there's anything you can help out with. Or add to it if you have a good idea.

Publish Common Ground components to Demodam

Demodam is a showcase website for open source components. Please reach out to the Technical action team via Slack or Github if you want to publish your components on Demodam.

Take part in an action team

The Demodam codebase forms action teams to solve specific tasks. Each team has a team lead that is responsible for setting dates for meetings of the team and for (collaboratively) setting the agenda. The team lead is also a first point of contact for the team.

These teams can make day to day decisions to move things forward, but cannot overrule decisions made by the steering team. Each action team must be represented in the steering group by at least one person (as a linking pin). Usually that person is the team lead. If a team cannot resolve an issue with consensus in the group, any participant of the group can raise the issue to the steering team. Action teams have the mandate to take action whenever they think it helps Demodam and work on an "ask for forgiveness, not for permission" basis for now. So be bold! And have fun 🦖.

Communications action team

Open group that works in a community style (there is likely to be a core team, that guides a wider community of participants and ambassadors). See the Communications Project Board for the current activities (and please take part!).

  • Communicates milestones
  • Share use cases
  • Create guides, documentation, materials according to community needs
  • Tries to find ambassadors at several levels
  • Helps organize hackathons
  • Social media, promotions, coverage, etc.
  • Members: Alba Roza (team lead), Edo Plantinga, Caroline?, Harrie Kuipers?, Ruud de Vries?

Technical action team

  • Hosting setup
  • How can several competing products all get a place on Demodam? (technical aspects of that)
  • Advise (not decide) on acceptance criteria of components from a technical point of view (ie definition of done)
  • Members: Ruben van der Linden (team lead), Joeri

User centricity action team

  • Advise (not decide) on acceptance criteria from a user centered design point of view (ie definition of done)
  • Organize workshops before and during hackathons
  • Advise on the design of itself (how are the needs of different stakeholders met?). Guide the user centered design process to achieve this.
  • Members: Under consideration (yet to be determined): Jeroen Vonk, Victor Zuydweg, Robbert, Edo Plantinga. If you want to be team lead for this team, please reach out to Edo.